Traqup seeks to
modernize object tracking

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How does it make life easier for the users?

The process of finding a lost item usually involves three stage.

The other side of the picture presents an entirely different scenario. An individual might find the lost item but is unable to trace the owner since no details are mentioned on the item. Traqup seeks to eliminate step 2,3,4 and 4 and move directly onto step 5: waiting for the details of the whereabouts of your lost items as soon as someone finds it. It also makes reaching out to the owner easier for the individuals who find a lost item as they can inform the owner with a single tap

Contact us

Users can contact the Traqup customer service team through the in-built live chat feature in the application. The team can also be contacted through the website by submitting an online query where Traqup representatives will get back to users as quickly as possible.